Private Sessions

Are you:

  • a professional who wants to improve your communication skills?
  • a creative who wants to get your story written?
  • an academic working on your final project?
  • an entrepreneur who needs a sustainable social media strategy?
  • an artist applying for a grant?
  • a student trying to get into a program?

Private Sessions with me, The Sexy Grammarian, unlock writing secrets so you can complete your projects. We'll collaborate to invigorate your writing and attain your goals.

Our 60-minute, one-on-one Private Sessions will take place in The Sexy Grammar Home Office Loft in San Francisco’s South of Market district or via video conference, phone, and email correspondence worldwide.

I’m not a therapist, but some of my writer clients call their Sexy Grammar Private Sessions "writing therapy" and joke about “taking my book/ screenplay/ dissertation to therapy.” Sometimes there are tears, but more often, we laugh, play, and get into heated discussions about plot twists, big ideas, and next directions.

Together, we'll develop a personalized structure for completing your writing endeavor and launching a consistent, creatively satisfying writing practice. I'll review samples of your work as well as analyze your writing process and then improve both. I take a fun and focused approach to cultivating your writing skills, and I am goal-oriented in my approach. You always leave Private Sessions with homework and inspiration, and the first session is always free.

One-on-one attention is easy and so much fun! Let's get you started with a free Private Session. Just fill out the Free Taste form, and I’ll reach out to get you on my schedule.

Need more information? You'll find Private Session rates here. The Sexy Grammar Blog is packed with posts that will give you a sense of my style, especially the secrets I teach, the indulgences I recommend, and the inspiration I curate. Read more about me and how I became The Sexy Grammarian on the About page. Writers write the best reviews, so you might like reading what Yelpers say about me.


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She made me laugh, and often this helped me to see the humor in situations that seemed dire at the time.

I want Kristy on board for all my writing projects. Her encouraging approach to writing makes editing fun.

My husband may have given me the amazing gift of a number of sessions with you, but the Sexy Grammarian gave me the gift of once again believing in my own potential.

I'd highly recommend her whether you have a specific or non-specific writing goal in mind. She'll help you set a goal if you need that kind of help too!

One session with Kristy will clarify your message at any stage in the writing game.

Kristy is both carrot and whip; without her, I could never have finished my novel.

Honestly, I don't think I would have gotten through the dissertation process without her!

If you want to write but don't know how to get your words from your mind to paper, call Kristy!

In the beginning, I was mentally more hung up on correct grammar and punctuation, and Kristy focused on getting the material out of me. That took a lot of stress off of the writing process.

She was helpful in clarifying my intentions and expression to produce the professional pieces of writing I needed.

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