Your Market’s Heart (revised)

I love the lesson of target market because at first, new business owners reject it. "Everyone will buy my widget," we proclaim, convinced our entrepreneurial spirit requires this sense of abundance. But when the burden of content marketing and the sting of competition begin to wear on us, we learn to focus.

And we learn that celebrating, cultivating, and catering to our ideal target market unearths a rich vein of loyal customers, a scant inch wide, but a mile deep.

I make it my business to never stop getting to know my own target market, the Sexy Grammar writer. I’ve developed these writing prompts to help you deepen your own relationship with your very best clients. I use the ancient 7-chakra system to do it because I think it’s one of the best models we’ve got for tapping into the human condition.

Imagine your ideal client. They can afford your prices, and they really need your services or product. You feel energized when you work for them or make something for them.

Maybe they already exist as your very best client. Maybe you want to focus on certain aspects of a few different people: the enthusiasm of one client, the economic level of another.

Use the writing prompts below to develop language that has a strong sense of the audience you want to reach.

1st Chakra, A Sense of Place:

  • Corresponds to the feet or foundation.
  • Associated with the idea of being grounded or having a strong connection to the earth.

List the locations where you and your clients might meet. I meet Sexy Grammar clients in cafes, at literary events, and on Twitter, for instance. Also list locations where your clients feel most comfortable. Sexy Grammar clients are comfortable at home, at the library, and on the internet, for example.
Explore the idea of location. Where are your clients in the world? Where do your clients find you? Is location vital to your business? Where on the internet do you and your clients hang out and connect?
Imagine your ideal customer stumbling across your business--either literally, at a storefront, digitally, on the internet, or in a conversation--at just the right moment. Describe the setting in as much detail as possible. Remember, description utilizes all 5 senses.

2nd Chakra, A Sense of Self:

  • Corresponds to the genitals and sexual organs.
  • Associated with sexuality and identity.

List the the words your clients use to describe themselves. Sexy Grammar clients identify as artists, students, or entrepreneurs, for instance. Also list descriptive words your clients identify with. Sexy Grammar clients think of themselves as creative, smart, and sometimes stuck, for example.
Explore the idea of identity. How do your clients describe themselves? Which archetypes do they most strongly identity with? Which roles in life capture their attention?
Imagine your ideal customer introducing themselves to you when they need your services most. Describe the way they introduce themselves in as much detail as possible, using all 5 senses. What do they project? What aspects of their identity do they hide?

3rd Chakra, A Sense of Worth:

  • Corresponds to the belly or solar plexus.
  • Associated with self worth and intuition.

List your potential client's feelings when they need you most. Sexy Grammar clients might feel frozen, overwhelmed, or inspired when they come looking for my services, for example.
Explore the idea of worth. What is the value of your services or products to your ideal clients? How do your clients feel when they need you? What is the pain or challenge in their lives that you soothe or help them overcome?
Imagine your ideal customer doubled over in pain. In their gut, they feel a sharp need that only your service or product can soothe. Describe the pain--either metaphoric or literal--in as much detail as possible, using all 5 senses. 

4th Chakra, A Sense of Desire:

  • Corresponds to the heart.
  • Associated with desire and compassion.

List the feelings your potential clients want to experience when they have your services or product. Sexy Grammar writers want to feel creative, luxurious, and smart. They want the writing experience to be fast, easy, and rewarding, for example.
Explore the idea of desire. What do your very best clients want most in the world? Why do they desire it so?
Imagine your ideal customer with their hands clasped over their hearts.They are so happy because they now have everything they have ever wanted. Describe their happy face, happy place, or their happy dance in all its gleeful, glorious detail.

5th Chakra, A Sense of Voice: 

  • Corresponds to the throat. 
  • Associated with voice and self expression.

List the ways your clients might express their desires. What do they say they want? Sexy Grammar writers say things like, "I want to write," "I want to publish," "I want to succeed," and "I want to grow,” for example.
Explore the idea of voice. What are the lines you say over and over to your best clients? What are the things they say to you? What do you love to hear them say? What do you hate to hear them say?
Imagine your ideal customer singing or shouting.They have something important they want to express. What is it? Describe their song or their tirade. What does it sound like? Is it a bold demand or a whimpered plea?

6th and 7th Chakras, A Sense of Vision:

  • Correspond to the third eye and the crown of the head.
  • Associated with vision, truth, and good, orderly direction.

List the outcomes your clients want from their work with you or from buying your products. What do your customers envision in their hands once they invest with you? Sexy Grammar writers want to create a book, a blog, a podcast, an essay, a novel, or a dissertation, and they want it to be intelligent, well-written, insightful, meaningful, funny, climactic, and polished, for example.
Explore the idea of vision. What do your best clients see when they look to the future? How do they see themselves? How do they see you? In what ways are they blind? In what ways do they see more than others?
Imagine your ideal customer sitting quietly, eyes closed, dreaming of an ideal future. What do they see? Describe their ideal future vision, how their life looks when your product or service has improved it thoroughly, and how that impacts the world around you both.

The writing you produce from these prompts will produce powerful vocabulary to use whenever you're writing about your business. Try integrating this language into your content and marketing language to help your target market identify with your brand.

Each May, I honor entrepreneurial writers with content focused on small business, including San Francisco’s Small Business Week. Find me at all the #SFSBW2016 events, especially the irreverent and interactive workshop Ken Stram and I co-teach at the SF Small Business Week Conference: Who’s Your Jenny? How To Identify Your Target Market.



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