Love Crafts

SG_blog_secretsOne of the bigger struggles of Valentine's Day is combatting the holiday's clichés while still making the day meaningful. This year, I'm excited to share some ideas that will help you ensure that your lovers know how sexy they are. Now, before you pull out all of the stops, remember this: beauty does not need to be complicated. You want the words to shine, not their vessel. I promise you will find elegance within this simplicity. Think about the most beautiful thing you can create with what y......
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On Walking: Get Your Creativity Moving

SG_blog_secretsWhile the act of writing generally takes place sitting down--in a notebook or on a laptop--creative thoughts are not always derived from states of stillness. In 2013, I began walking on a regular basis; I realized early on that walking intentionally gives me permission to let go of a hectic mind-space and move into a focused and productive one. I have noticed that after a walk I am more appreciative of nature, I feel enlivened, and I am more motivated to get things done. As I have practiced wal......
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IS: Spiritual Exploration for Mavericks & Atheists

IS: Your Spirituality Unleashed Faith Freed Hay House, 2013 Oh hell. What is an atheist grammarian supposed to write about a spirituality book called IS? Review Highlights: As an atheist, I avoided a serious read of my dear friend Faith's first book, IS: Your Spirituality Unleashed.   What worked? Permission to do spirituality my way and to be creative about it.   What about the writing? Freed bares her most raw, beautiful, vulnerable parts so that readers ......
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Santa Cruz Takes on Pride

When I walk around UC Santa Cruz in May, my heart smiles. I love seeing the "May is So Gay at UCSC" posters, tasting the refreshing rainbow snow cones, and talking to my fellow students about how to foster the most queer-friendly campus we possibly can. Pride season in Santa Cruz is a breath of fresh air for me. I grew up in the Bay Area, and I've been going to Pride celebrations since before I could walk. As I've gotten older, I have begun to notice that San Francisco's Pride events are almo......
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Blogger Sage Swiatek on Writing For Sex Education

I find a distinct pleasure in writing about sex. The constant immersion in one of the most provocative economies in the world is inspiration enough--the sex industry maintains a dynamic interconnectedness between education, politics, lust, and both personal and shared experience. When I write about sex, the first step I take is checking in with my own feelings about a given topic. Sex and sexuality can be emotionally charged topics, so recognizing my own biases is crucial (yes--I have biases,......
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