I did it!

Re-posted for historic reference. See comments from original post.

Writing Furiously!

Hello again to my friends and supporters! I am thrilled to announce that I’ve collected my NaNoWriMo fundraising goal in just one short week. Next Saturday night, I will be tapping away at my laptop along with a big room full of other ambitious novelists at The Night of Writing Dangerously. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help me get there. If you did not get a chance to make your donation to The Office Of Light and Letters, you still can at this link. But since I've made my goal, it’s......
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We Interrupt Our Usual Friday Program For This Word From Our Sponsor

Pride 2008, San Francisco, CADearest blog readers- Many of you have already heard that I am participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is a wonderful and crazy Internet gathering of thousands of writers worldwide to support one another through 30 wild November days of artistic productivity. It’s actually a contest, and everyone who writes at least 50,000 words wins! That comes to about 6 pages a day—or 10 pages if I don’t write on weekends. Good thing I’ve been thinking about this novel for years! ......
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