Custom Edits & Style Guides

Custom Edits elevate your manuscript from draft to finished and illuminate your unique voice with Sexy Grammar techniques for slick, sophisticated, sexy writing.

  • Thirsty for feedback on an early draft? Custom Edit #1 untangles storytelling snafus and message mishaps in an extended Private Session with The Sexy Grammarian to review your manuscript.
  • Overwhelmed and stuck? Custom Edit #2 whips the unwieldy manuscript into shape with a customized revision plan that gently guides you to your next, more engaging draft.
  • Want a polished product that’s publisher ready? Our Custom Edit #3 perfects the final draft, sharpening your message with rigorous copyediting, and delivers a marked-up manuscript plus feedback notes.

Custom Style Guides unite the many voices that represent your company by developing voice and vocabulary guidelines, so your brand sparkles in every marketing and report communication you release.

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My biggest problem when writing is keeping it simple. Kristy is a wonderful editor because she will mine through heaps of words and find the gems in what you really want to say.

I edited the hell out my manuscript, but if she hadn't pointed out my bad habits, I don't think I would have ever seen them.

If you review her suggestions instead of simply making the changes in your manuscript, you will find yourself applying new concepts in your future writing. I did and still do.

Within a few short weeks, I had documents that increased my business's professional presentation by leaps and bounds.

Impressive! Your edits were exactly what I was looking for.

Paying for her services was an investment that paid off in the quality of my final product, the time it saved me, and the timeless advice I received from her.

I was halfway finished with my novel and too close to it to do any good. Kristy took the time, listened to my needs, and then developed a personalized plan to get me back on track.

Kristy's suggestions improved the content of the manuscript without impacting my voice.

Overall, I feel as though my dissertation reads much more scientifically and more professionally than it would have had I not worked with Kristy, not to mention the fact that it has way fewer commas.

Instead of looking at a page of red, I was able to look past my weakness and fix the core issues in the writing.

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