Intimate Workshops

The Sexy Grammar Writer's Workshop

The Sexy Grammar Writer’s Workshop motivates the stuck, untangles the lost, and feeds inspiration to the hungry with signature Sexy Grammar writing secrets, goal-reaching support, and satisfying feedback. Accommodating writers in any genre, the workshop cultivates a diverse and collaborative writing community.

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Customized Presentations & Workshops

Customized Presentations & Workshops promote inspired, prolific, eloquent writers with curriculum designed especially for your company’s objectives. Experienced in curriculum development, hands-on learning, public speaking, and copy editing, The Sexy Grammarian presents a fun and engaging workshop that cultivates happy writers and clear, effective copy. Our build-your-own curriculum offers modules such as:

  • how to be a sexy writer
  • bullets and punctuation in business writing
  • sustainable blog content

Let the Sexy Grammarian design the perfect workshop for your company retreat or annual meeting now.

  Taste For Free   Rates   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have completed a screenplay, and I started a blog, all because of her encouraging workshops!

Kristy leads the workshop with knowledge, humor, and genuine passion about the craft, and her insights into the field of writing, editing, and organization are priceless.

The Sexy Grammarian's Workshops are chock full of laughter drenched in love.

You really pointed out some common but often overlooked rules I forgot to implement during my writing. I’ve stolen the doodle tip in my press release drafts, and I can see an improvement already.

That errant novel? After each session I was eager to get back to it, to move it forward.

The Sexy Grammar lessons were super helpful, and the sexy quotient made them very memorable!

In last night's workshop I learned how to just get it out. Out!

She is generous with all her gifts, and thus she inspires the same in her workshops. You end up having a room full of teachers, and that's how it should be, right?

I can’t wait for the next session. I expect it to be juicy and oozing with writing tips.

I was finishing my master's thesis, and she helped me to get focused and really begin the process of getting it finished.

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